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SCORE HCM from Sharp & Score is a complete HR Suite, with best–in–class HR Practice, Advanced Technology, dedicated service and support, creating the ultimate HRMS user experience.


Your HR team is empowered with a collaborative, paperless workflow environment for managing all  functional and administrative processes. Administration of the employee life cycle is made considerably more efficient and complete while easier to track, manage and maintain.

1 Workforce Management
2 Employee Lifecycle Actions
3 Recruitment Management
4 Performance Management
5 Payroll Management System
6 Leave & Attendance System
7 Learning & Development
8 Expense Management
9 Employee Self Servoce - ESS
1 Workforce Management

SCORE HCM - Comprehensive solution for workforce management encompasses all aspects of managing the complete Employee Information [Personal and Professional], Life-Cycle and supports the business with key insights for decision making. Managing Employees in a systematic manner will improve operational efficiency. HR Management System helps in automating entire processes, making key data more visible to support better decision-making. It is a complete approach designed to make employees as productive as possible. Workforce Management will cover the following Details:-

  • Employee Information
  • Employee Self Services
  • Employee Directory 


2 Employee Lifecycle Actions

Employee life cycle is a human resources model that identifies stages in employees’ Careers to help or guide their management and optimize associated processes. The life cycle activities include recruitment [Hiring], On-Boarding, Confirmation, Transfer, Promotion, Deputation and Separation. Employee Life Cycle Actions will cover the following activities:-





  • Hiring - Employee Joining
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Probation Extenstion
  • Transfer  & Promotion
  • Transfer with Promotion
  • Deputation & Separation
  • Annual Increment



3 Recruitment Management

The main purpose of the Recruitment is to staff the organization with sufficient employees to meet the organization goals. To ensure this, it is important that company is getting the right kind of talents with required skill set within the time line in a systematic way. A recruitment management system (RMS), also known as an e-recruitment or online recruitment system, is a multi-component software tool designed to automate and facilitate the processes involved in finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel. The following functionalities are covered under Recruitment Management:


  • Manpower Planning  -  Manpower Indent - Workflow Approvals
  • Vacancy Publishing - Sourcing - Shortlisting - Interview - Selection - Fitment
  • On-Line Offer Letter and Appointment Letter with CTC Breakup
  • Candidate Portal for updating candidate's information with ditigal attachments before joing the company.
  • Joining Kit generation - Documents verification - New Joinee Feedback
4 Performance Management

A performance management process intended to drive the achievement of key business results is typically designed to ensure that individual, group and enterprise goals and expectations are clearly defined, focused on key priorities, and well connected to the drivers of results. This is to establish guidelines to appraise and continuously monitor the performance of employees based on the profile of the company and the agreed performance objectives. To help maintain or improve employee job performance through the use of objective setting, appraisal, coaching and feedback. Performance Management System Setup, configuration and implementation will cover the following activities :


  • Create Corporate and Functional Objectives or Goals
  • Create Role-wise Objectives - Apply to Employees
  • Submit Period-wise Ojectives by Employee to Manager for review and approval
  • Submit Period-wise Achievements by Emloyee to Manager for review and appraisal score rating
  • Appraisal Review Score by Line Manager - Functional Head - HR Head
  • Role-wise Competency Review and final rating 
  • Final Score - Linkage with Increment - Linkage with Training
5 Payroll Management System

The Centralized Payroll Management System with Multi Currency – Country features deals with the financial aspects of employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. and generation of pay-slips & related reports for a specific period. Payroll Management System Manages Employee Information Efficiently defines the emoluments, various compensation structure, allowance and deductions etc as applicable to the company. Centralized & Individual Company Reports with Group /  Function / Role Wise Cost Integrated with Attendance, Leave, Other Internal Systems, Accounting System, Employee Self Services – ESS, Mobile Application etc. Cost-wise reports function-wise, group-wise, Company-wise reports, YTD Reports, Analytical Reports Integrated with HR Budget – Individual Company-wise & as a Group-wise periodically. Centralized Payroll Management System Master Setup, configuration and implementation will cover the following activities:-

  • Multi Country Based Payroll - Multiple Pay Structure - CTC Structure
  • Country Based Compliance Statutory Masters
  • Earnings - Deductions - Arrears - One Time Payments and Deductions
  • Incentive - Bonus - PLI - Reimbursements Payments
  • Income Tax - Investment Declaration - Computation - Investment Proof Collection
  • Periodical Statutory Returns - Quarterly & Annual Returns and Forms
  • Integration with Attendance, Leave and Resignation Module
  • Payroll Process - Payslip - Pay  Register - Pay Roll Accounting Journal
6 Leave & Attendance System

Organizations use Time and Attendance Systems to record daily attendance of employees. This will help the management to track the daily or periodical attendances, daily in and out timings, absentees, late comers, early goers etc. A time and attendance system provides many benefits to organizations. It enables an employer  to have full control of all employees working hours. It helps control manpower costs by reducing over-payments, which are often caused by transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error. Manual processes are also eliminated as well as the staff needed to maintain them. Our System have the functionalities to capture attendance through various modes ie., Login Based, Integrating with multiple Bio-Metric / Face Detect / Eye Scan Attendance Machines / through Mobile Application etc.. Centralized monitoring, Scheduling, Follow up and Integration with Leave, Payroll and other Internal Systems. Leave & Attendance Management will cover the following activities:

  • Setup Leave & Attendance Rules as per Company Applicable Policies
  • Create various types of Leaves with Yearly  eligible days and credit pattern
  • Apply Leave Online through PC - Laptop and Mobile Application
  • Approve Leave request online through PC  -  Laptop and Mobile Application
  • Monthly Attendance Diary - Attendance Regularisation, Change time request and work flow approvals
  • Mark attendance through PC-Laptop - Moble Application
  • Geo Coding - Geo Tracking - Geo Fencing based attendance
  • Attendance Autocommunication - Auto Reminders & Attendance Normalsiation Activities
  • Monthly Attendance Registers and Reports
7 Learning & Development

Training and development refers to the practice of providing training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, or other learning opportunities to employees to inspire, challenge, and motivate them to perform the functions of their position to the best of their ability. Training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge; sharpen of skills, concepts, rules, or changing attitudes and behaviors to enhance the performance of employees. Development, on the other hand, helps the individual to handle future responsibilities, with less emphasis on present job assignments. Learning & Development System will cover the following activities:

  • Plan - Analyse - Design - Develop - Implement - Evaluate Training
  • Create and Publish Annual Training Calendar
  • Create Training Content - Nominate Training Participant - Workflow Approvals
  • Training Administration - Training History Records - Training Cost
  • Training Evaluation - Integration with PMS & Career Plan 
8 Expense Management

Expense Management System is available to automate all manual activities related to expense claim. This will benefit employees as well are management by way of time saving, fast processing, approval and disbursements, Accuracy and validation as per company policies and eligibility and periodical reports. The procedures starting from Set up Claim Masters like Travel Claims, Conveyance Claims, Mobile Expense Reimbursemnts, Staff Welfare Claims and other various general expenditures claims and settlemetns. SCORE HCM Expense Management enable the user to attach all relevant supportings digitally and Approving Managers and Finance Managers can verify, approve or reject the claim as applicable. Expense Management will cover the following activities:-

  • Setup Claim Masters - Company Policy Configuration - Eligibility Setup - Approval Matrix
  • Create Varisous Claims Types like Travel Claims, Conveyance Claims, Staff Welfare Claims etc
  • Digitally Attach all supportings, Validation and Approval or Rejection line-item-wise by Managers
  • Exceptional Approval Facility - Auto Generation of Claim Vouchers once the claim is approved
  • Two way communication through mail and SMS from Claim submission till payment disbursement
9 Employee Self Servoce - ESS

Employees Self Service enables the Employees to access the various employee related information and submit various types of requests ranging from Attendance Regularization, Leave Applications, Travel Requests, Reimbursement Claims Requests, Manpower Requests, Performance System Requests, e-Separation Requests and Training Requests etc. available in a single screen. Employees will be able to view their Pay Slip, Income Tax Computation, YTD Pay Slip, CTC Sheet, Tax Declaration Form, Provident Fund Statement, Reimbursements and Benefits Status etc. 

Manager’s Self Service enables the Managers to take action on the pending requests submitted by their sub-ordinates for various types of requests ranging from Attendance Regularization, Leave Applications, Travel Requests, Reimbursement Claims Requests, Manpower Requests, Performance System Requests, e-Separation Requests and Training Requests etc. available in a single screen. Employee  Self Service will conver the following activities:-

  • View  Personal Information - Submit missing details like Contact Details, Family Details or Bank Details etc
  • Submit Task like Leave Request, Claim Submission, Attendance Regularisation, Manpower Request etc.
  • Approve Requests received  by Managers
  • 2 way Mail communciation starting form submission of task till approval of the tast
  • Submit Income Tax Declaration, View Tax Computation and Submit Investment Proof online
  • View Payslip, Official Letters, Form - 16 and Lifecycle action documents
  • View Sub-ordinates contact details and Managers information as applicable
  • View important Employee communication like Announcements, Circulars and FAQs etc


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